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Helping kids learn and grow through technology.

My family created “UDEP” in memory of my father, Uncle Danny.  His belief in education motivated us to ‘give-back’ by identifying disaster and poverty-ridden areas where technology in schools is greatly needed.  Over the past five years, we’ve helped schools across the world by installing Internet access, networking equipment, WiFi, computers, SMARTBoards in classrooms, printing centers, the Google Education platform, and much more.


Our passion for “direct experiential giving” is a 21st-century version of Habitat for Humanity, without all the corporate overhead.  We are a simple example of a family charity that invests capital and shares our skills (for us it’s tech skills) with those in need. We strongly encourage others to do the same.  Whether your skills are medical, plumbing, electrical, etc. -- opportunities exist everywhere.  


- Joe Berkowitz

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Previous Campaigns


After running a Facebook acquisition campaign targeting teachers at deserving schools across the world, we chose to sponsor a special elementary school in Guarne Colombia -- Monseñor Alfonso Uribe Jaramillo.  Along with a sister school, they support roughly 250 students.  


With the dedicated support of the Secretary of Education & Culture, the Mayor, the teachers, and the wonderful local community we successfully set up a secure network with high-speed Internet access, SMARTBoards in every classroom, a printing center, and laptops for the students & teachers.  We also secured Google as a sponsor, donating the use of the Google Education platform.

See more pictures and video here.

After the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, we traveled to the Arts & Beyond school in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  


Working beside the local staff, our family helped rebuild classrooms and along with the support of those who contributed to UDEP, we donated and installed smartboards and computers, we set up a network and expanded their WiFi capabilities.

See more pictures and video here.


In 2016, we were excited to help Children's Learning Centers to create a true computer lab where teachers could introduce kids to computers and software.


We built-out a room within the facility as the new computer center. This project included running networking equipment from their main center, installing wireless access, donating several Mac desktop computers, and a printing center.

In 2015 we helped Neighbors Link, a Westchester-based community center focused on helping the community by providing services for immigrant families.

We replaced dozens of computers, renovated networking capabilities and donated and installed wireless presentation systems and printing centers.  The new computer hardware and software allows kids to learn, explore and play in a whole new way.

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